The most beautiful jewel of Croatian cultural heritage - the Old City of Dubrovnik, is in its far south, in the sunniest Croatian tourist region. podgora_dubrovnik


Split is a historical, administrative, geographical and industrial center of southern Croatian. The Roman emperor Diocletian built his luxurious palace 1700 years ago, which is the most important monument of Roman culture on the eastern Adriatic coast.podgora_split


Korcula is considered the birthplace of Marco Polo, and legend says it was founded by the Trojan hero Antenor. History and tradition are present while you are walking through narrow streets and squares of this beautiful city.



Hvar is certainly one of the most beautiful among thousands of Croatian islands, magnificent masterpiece of natural and human product. At the crossing of the sea routes from ancient times Hvar became the cradle of history and culture.


The largest and highest island in the Dalmatian island of Brac attention of visitors attracted to the magnificent views of the most beautiful beaches and the white stone of their houses.podgora_bol


Trogir is a real town-museum. Lovers of cultural and historical monuments, art, original architecture and beautiful street in Trogir to learn about the manifold and complex heritage - from the Romanesque yard to the modern interiors.podgora_trogir


Nature park Biokovo is characterized by numerous karst phenomena and extraordinary biological diversity. The highest peak of St. Jure (1762m) offers a magnificent view and is accessible by car.podgora_biokovo


River Krka is a phenomenon, while making its way to the Adriatic sea; it forms many lakes, falls and water currents. Because of the natural beauty and geological characteristics around the Krka River was declared a National park in 1985.podgora_krka